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While enterprise system projects differ in their goals, environment, technologies and scope, developing and deploying reliable solutions that bridge multiple systems—often with multiple owners—requires a unique set of skills and tools. With 20 years of distributed systems development experience in a wide variety of environments and a MS with Distinction in Computer Science from DePaul University, I have these skills, tools and an uncommon track record of simplifying and solving complex problems.

I have particular breadth in Java, Microsoft, open and legacy architectures, solutions and tools; and particular depth in:

  • Distributed systems analysis, design, construction and deployment; design patterns and modeling
  • Relational database design, normalization, optimization and implementation
  • Intelligent agents and multi-agent systems, expert systems, statistical machine learning and reasoning
  • Project planning, estimation and leadership; integration of project management and CASE tools
  • Version control and change management
  • Principled negotiation

 E-mail: Scott@DoctorDatabase.com  Phone: 708/452-7918
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