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  • Programming: C/C++, Java, BASIC (Visual and otherwise), Lisp, CLIPS, Smalltalk, Pascal, Informix 4GL, FoxPro/xBASE/Clipper, x86 Assembly, 6502 Assembly, Verifone TCL
  • Scripting: JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, AWK, CL
  • Query: SQL, FOCUS, SAS
  • Modeling and Markup: XML dialects (and schemata), HTML, VRML, Lex, YACC
  • Legacy: IBM COBOL, BAL, PL/I

Database Experience

  • Scalable Servers: Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, NCR Teradata, IBM DB2
  • Desktop Products: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual FoxPro and its predecessors
  • Programming Interfaces: JDBC, ODBC/ADO, Oracle and Informix APIs and pre-compilers.

Operating Systems/Environments

  • Windows: COM/ActiveX/DCOM, Win32 API, Networking, Services, Security, RPC, Process and Thread Management, MSJVM
  • UNIX (Solaris/LINUX/HP-UX/SINIX/BSD): Scripts, Shells, POSIX and Solaris Threads, Tools, Filesystems
  • Java/Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE): JAXP, CORBA, Servlets, JDBC, JSSE, Javasoft JRE
  • Legacy environments: IBM OS/MVS and VAX VMS, RSX-11/M+

Distributed Architectures, Network, Server and Security Technologies

  • XML Technologies: SAX, Document Object Model (DOM), B2B solutions and Web Services;
  • Middleware, Messaging and Networking: CORBA/IIOP, COM/ActiveX/DCOM, MSMQ, EDA(iWay), SOAP, TCP/IP and common internet transport protocols including HTTP, FTP and SMTP; SSL/TLS; APPN/APPC/SNA/VTAM
  • Server Technologies: Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSPs), Active Server Pages (ASPs), CICS
  • Security: Authentication, Symmetric and asymmetric ("public key") encryption, Digital Signatures and Non-Repudiation

User Interface and Multimedia Technologies

  • Visual: 3D Modeling, Animation and Virtual Reality; Digital Video, DirectX, OpenGL, Macromedia Flash
  • Audio: Digital Sampling and Sequencing, MIDI, Music Theory and Composition, Acoustics
  • Special Interfaces: Touch Screen Kiosks, Card Swipe/Keypad Units, Special-Purpose Coprocessors
  • Enhanced Usability: Natural Language Processing, User Interest and Preference Prediction by User-Advocate Software Agents

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